24 Days of Blogging Day 4: You and Me

Occasionally I discover a great obscure song from a group that I’ve never heard of.  This morning in my weekly recommendations on Spotify, I found “You and Me” by Penny and the Quarters, which has an odder than usual journey .  The group was a no-hit wonder that recorded the song likely in the early seventies (far later than I would have thought by the sound) as a demo that was never released.  The demos were purchased in an estate sale and “You and Me” was put out as part of a collection which somehow was heard by Ryan Gosling who insist that it be included in his current film Blue Valentine.  After the movie release, there were efforts to find any remaining members of this group in order to share the royalties, but according to the Wikipedia account, none of the original band members were located.

I love the raw sound and the simple feeling of the lyric.  I also love the thought of a group earnestly recording what they hoped would be their shot at fame.  The shot died like so many others, never to move beyond the demo, however, it found new life 30 years later and is a golden oldie that we have never heard before.  I wonder how many other amazing songs were never heard by Ryan Gosling.

Anyway, enjoy the song and share it with someone you love.

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Date: Tuesday, 5. December 2017 5:43
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