The 24 Days of Blogging Day 16: Bring a torch Jeanette Isabella

Hubert Grimmig, Kultur- und Tourismus GmbH Gengenbach

About a week ago I talked about the subject of Advent calendars and gave a few examples of non-traditional calendars.  However, today I learned about a truly non-traditional Advent calendar that might capture the meaning better than standard paper calendars.

The German city of  Gengenbach turns their city hall into an enormous Advent calendar.  The windows are decorated with art depicting a central theme.  At 6:00 pm every evening townspeople and tourists (in true Christmas spirit, this tradition was started 20 years ago to build tourism during the holidays) gather to watch as the lights come up and the shade on the window of the day is raised.  After Christmas all of the windows are illuminated for two weeks.

I like the true spirit of anticipation and community.  Since the windows change every year and since they are kept secret until they are revealed, people actively look forward to the moment of illumination. The experience is a completely communal one.  Families come out together nightly and cheer together when the window is revealed.

The form also reflects the season well.  The windows are opened one at a time and each is admired for itself.  The days of Advent (all days of life) are precious and beautiful, and when anticipation of Christmas loses mindfulness of the present it is a hollow experience.

One more light goes on tonight.  I wonder what it will be?


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Date: Saturday, 16. December 2017 23:39
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