My (Not so Grownup) Christmas List #2: Do You See What I See?

I could be easily accused of technology ingratitude. Hardware and software developers make amazing products for me, and consistently they are just short of what I want them to be. I have a technology utopian, and every step brings me closer, but makes me more frustrated with the narrowing gap between myself and paradise.

My current unreasonable expectation relates to group presentations. Presentation apps on the iPad (Slideshark for PowerPoint and the Prezi Viewer) have made it possible for me to leave my laptop alone. With these apps I am able to show presentations completely without any major concessions to the device (both still have some trouble with embedded video, but that isn't my concern…today). Combining this ability with the ability to edit my presentations (Cloud-on for PPT and Prezi Viewer for Prezi) and I have completely cut the cord (and cut about 6 pounds from my luggage). What more could I want?

What I want is the ability to walk around the room while presenting a Prezi. When I used a laptop, I could carry a remote and hook the machine up to the projector. Now I have to hook my iPad to the projector, and run up to the projector any time I want to forward the presentation. When I use Slideshark for a PowerPoint, I have an app on my phone that works like a bluetooth remote, but with Prezi there is no app for this. Unfortunately, most of my presentations any more, you guessed it, are Prezis. So unless and until the Prezi company develops a remote app, I'm tethered to the projector.

I talked to my (very nice and very patient) Apple reps about this today. There is a way around my problem, and that is through Apple TV. An Apple TV can hook up to the projector and then through AirPlay technology I could mirror my iPad or iPhone to the projector and voila, “I got no strings on me…”

OK, but there are two drawbacks to this solution. First, I'd need to buy an Apple TV, not a huge investment at $99 (though I would also need to buy an adapter to the projector for another $50). Secret, I did buy an Apple TV for this use earlier this fall; however, I made the mistake of hooking it up to my home TV and now I never want to take it away. The other more substantial issue is that this would mean one more device and one more set of cables on every trip (and one more thing that might be forgotten or left behind). I keep moving toward device freedom, but minor complications keep getting in my way. Like Moses I stand on Mt Nebo, viewing the promised land but certain I will never arrive (a bit much?).

So my wish today has two options. Either Prezi needs to put a Bluetooth remote function in their iPhone app, or Apple needs to make it possible to mirror my iPhone to my iPad (or vice versa). Once I get that, I'll be satisfied, except…

As always, I welcome your comments.

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Date: Friday, 7. December 2012 23:20
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