If Former Me Could See Me Now

Just a quick observation today. I'm sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to San Jose where I am going for a meeting tomorrow in Cupertino, Apple's world headquarters. The purpose of this meeting is to explore future 1:1 programs in my schools using iPads and other devices. You reading this today see nothing unusual about this. However, you know who would find this inconceivable? Former me.

Only about 4 years ago, I matched the passion of every Apple fanboy in my distain for the company and its products. I scoffed at the locked-down nature of products, and I mocked the “Apple tax.” They would take my PC when they pried the double-button mouse from my cold, dead hands.

Today I am writing this blogpost on an ipad, the second that I've owned, while I'm going into the heart of darkness, making plans to put iPads, rather than PC's into school 1:1 programs. Former me would hate today me.

Perhaps the message here is that in tech, and probably most everything else, you never know what the future will do to your today convictions, and whatever you crow loudly today you may eat crow tomorrow. It also reinforces Emerson's advice “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.” If we hold strong beliefs, we must admit the possibility…and grant ourselves the space to believe something different and better in the future.

More tomorrow, when I'll write about my experience in Apple-land.

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Date: Sunday, 24. February 2013 20:27
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