Day 19: Carpet Balm

Today was an amazing day. Since the day we moved into our house 10 years ago, we've been saying that we need to change the carpet. The house had lovely white carpet that was installed shortly before we bought it. I understand that white carpeting helps the house look clean and large. However, with a preteen child and three dogs, we knew that this white carpet would be an unforgiving record of every spill mess or domestic disaster. In the early days we tried using carpet runners and shampooing the carpet weekly, but after a very short time it was clear that white carpet and we were completely incompatible,

And so we lived for over ten years, each year vowing to do something about the carpet, now stained with various puppy and other household accidents. The shampoo machine had little effect, and even professional cleanings didn't last very long. So we talked often about the need to change the carpet, and nothing happened. Between finances, time, and initiative, something always got in the way.

Until this year. At the end of the summer we finally had three rooms converted to laminate wood floors. Very nice, but the carpet still remained through most of the house. And then on Tuesday of this week I received a text from my wife, “new carpet being installed on Thursday and Friday.”

For the next 48 hours my wife and I ran helter skelter, trying to prepare for this. My main observation is that no one knows how many things are on a floor until preparing for new carpet. Everywhere we turned, there was another pile of stuff, boxes that hadn't been touched since our last move. Exacerbating this were the Christmas decorations that had to be carefully taken down. Probably the worst were the floors of the closets. I found Jimmy Hoffa in the back of mine. Luckily we had a very wonderful team of installers who were willing to move almost everything, so no furniture had to be carried.

This morning before they started I took apart my computer setup. In my haste, I pulled wires and cords without any thought of putting it back together. My wife asked if I took pictures of the setup so I would know where everything went, and I had to admit that was a really good idea…if I had done it.

Anyway, I am happy to announce that the carpet is laid. In fact, they finished the entire job in one day. It looks even better than I had hoped, and feels wonderful underfoot. We have an enormous job to put everything back together prior to having the family over for Christmas, but it was worth it: crazy, stressful, impossible, but definitely worth it.

As always, I welcome your comments.

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Date: Friday, 20. December 2013 4:59
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    This is the same problem we face! The downstairs was replaced with tile a couple of years ago and after Christmas we are going to do the upstairs with laminate. Dogs and carpet do not mix. I need to find people who will move everything because of my husband’s Parkinson’s.

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