The 24 Days of Blogging, Day 19: “Faithful friends who are dear to us, gather near to us, once more.”

This past weekend I had a little problem with my iPhone.  My work email account suddenly stopped downloading, and I wasn’t able to access it despite reentering my password or even deleting and recreating the account on my iPhone or iPad.  At the same time a large number of my contacts suddenly disappeared on my iPhone, but not on my iPad.  This didn’t make any sense at all, because these two devices were supposed to sync.  I tried every fix I could think of or find with no luck.  I spent a weekend unconnected and furious.

I often work with people who have trouble with their devices.  I sympathize with their challenges, and luckily sometimes I can fix them.  However, I know there is always a sense of betrayal.  We sell these devices, literally and figuratively, to people and promise that they will make lives easier.  When they fail in this function, it is a betrayal.  For them, it is a betrayal by a stranger.  However, when I have a problem and when I can’t figure out what’s going on, I feel like I am being betrayed by my own children.  My wrath is without equal.

Luckily I found that the email problem was caused by an expired password.  After I restored the email accounts, my contacts reappeared.  This was an incomplete resolution, because though I understand the email part of the equation, the contact disappearance still doesn’t make sense.  I watch my phone like a, unfaithful friend, I hope that things will go well, but I can’t trust…at least now.

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Date: Tuesday, 20. December 2016 5:00
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