The 24 Days of Blogging, Day 20: “and have yourself a merry little Christmas now.”

Ok, today I have to beg off.  I have a cold, or allergies, or hay fever, or the plague, or something that makes me want to bang my head against the wall because it feels better than the headache I have!  

Today is the last day of Autumn, and suitably Autumn has ended with the dry winds that set my sinuses into a four-alarm fire.  I always get this around Christmas time.  For years when I was singing in church, this attack was also accompanied by a nice bout of laryngitis, which more than once made midnight mass a challenge.  

What’s the worst is that I can’t sleep.  I came home after my last meeting today intending to sleep the rest of the afternoon, but I sat fully awake watching episode after episode of Murdoch on Netflix.  

So you’ll have to pardon me.  I can’t write one word today…nothing from me at all.


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Date: Wednesday, 21. December 2016 5:06
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